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Joaquin's Story

“Just one reading, and I’ve already stopped losing money!”

It has helped me to clarify previous concepts, avoiding simple mistakes, and gaining confidence. Thus, my account is in serious “trend reversal”, going from losing to winning trades. The pace, the step by step approach, and the language makes it easily understandable for those of us whose English is our second language. I can’t wait to go over it again, making it my primary system and keep on making those positive pips!

Joaquin – Florida, USA

Mali's Story

“The best price I have ever seen for this caliber of Elliott Wave training…”

I have been trading for over 15 years and studying Elliott Wave extensively for the last 3. I must say I have never seen this quality of training on this subject for such a low price. Courses of this caliber that only offer half of what you have are made available at much higher price tags!! Thanks for making this easy on me.

Mali B. – Ontario, Canada

Henry's Story

“Many Ah-Hah moments when this complex information made sense”

Jody was very good at listening to each student’s questions and problems and took an appropriate amount of time to be sure everyone was on track. It became clear, as the course progressed, that she has an extensive trading background. She shared her knowledge with us, bringing Elliott Wave analysis to life, using technical tools and techniques that helped us verify our own Elliott Wave counts, and then use them in real trading setups.

Henry S. – U.K.


“From The Brim of Giving Up… to Success”

Dear FX Trader’s Edge Team, 

I started trading forex in 2005 and I must admit that I got to a point I was going to throw in the towel. For many years, I was struggling. I met a few good people in the trading community and many bad ones…

You have given me 3 key pillars to success:

(1) ANALYSIS – I am able to incorporate Wavy Tunnel, Elliott Wave Counts and Harmonic Patterns into my analysis and link them all together. This is gun powder!!

(2) STRATEGY – Allows me to have a clear plan of attack. This takes out the subjectivity and emotions of fear and greed. I either buy or sell, based on the Wavy Tunnel as my foundation, my core strategy…

(3) EXECUTION – Confidence: I enter the market with confidence based on one of the 6 entry criteria and multi-timeframe agreement.

This is your destination. You are literally at the front door of success forever. All you need now is to turn that knob, walk in and your life will never be the same, just like mine did. We can all have all we need in life to be successful. The decision to make it work remains ours. Making it work involves time, practice, discipline, determination and patience.

Over and out,

Isaac D. – Australia

What members are saying

“I only had a very rudimentary understanding of cryptocurrencies and in just a few days it has grown exponentially!”

Renzo C. – USA

“You and your team are so excellent, expert and knowledgeable. You are Gurus in trading and teaching your students! I started rebuilding/ regaining my lost confidence and faith in trading.”

Suren P. – Asia

“Thank you so much for the awesome revelations you disclose throughout these modules. I have learned so much already as every module is so power packed. And I know that with the insights I am gaining and the tools you describe one day soon I will be an AWESOME trader too!”

Paul V. – Australia

“I have taken so many courses and read so many books. When I started with this series of modules I knew right away something was different here. By the time I got to Module 3 my trading results had done a complete 180, my profits have doubled in just a few short weeks. I’m absolutely amazed at what I’m learning!”

Mike S. – USA

“I wanted to say thank you for your work with the Wavy Tunnel. The system is a simple way of using multiple time frames to identify trade setups. It is a very straightforward approach to Elliott Wave without having to try and figure out wave counts which can be very confusing in my opinion. I have been in the markets for 20yrs as an institutional trader and use Elliott Wave on a daily basis. The Wavy Tunnel gives trade setups and targets. It also allows me a quick glance at other market to see where they are versus the ES.” 

Michael R. – USA