FOREX Foundation Course

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In the next few minutes, I am going show you how you can earn back the control of your time and life, and work towards achieving financial freedom.

(No, It’s NOT by Learning A Fancy Trading Skill)

The only question is — Are you qualified for this?

Dear budding trader,

Why do some traders (only 15% of them!) just seem to be always making profits day in and day out in Forex trading… while most of the rest (maybe including you?) struggle to survive — or even lose all their capital within the first year?

What if you’re introduced to a comprehensive system that will help you grow into an “entrepreneurial trader” who is not only skilled in trading, but also has the winning attitude and habits, and treats trading as a serious business

Question: How Badly Do You Want It?

But before we move on further, I have an even more crucial question for you…

“Are you ready to commit your time and effort to get very good at trading Forex, and treat trading as a serious business?”

If you say “no” or are even a little unsure about this, you don’t have to carry on reading this letter. The information here is not for you.

However, if an astounding “YES!” is your answer, I dare you to read the entire letter and not change the way you treat your Forex trading forever.

Still with me? Great. Allow me to introduce myself first…

Who Am I, And Why Am I Telling You This?

jody-4My name is Jody Samuels. I am one of North America’s leading coaches for successful traders, and the creator of the FX Trader’s EDGE Program.

I started my career with a New York international investment bank over 30 years ago as a Forex trader. In my 15 years’ professional trading career, I honed my currency trading skills, and had successfully made millions of dollars using the proven theories of Elliott Wave analysis in combination with fundamental and technical analysis.

When I left institutional trading, I started to trade on my own and eventually teach and coach traders. Since then, I have guided my students to better understand and trade the market cycles and learn business skills to effectively manage their trading businesses.

To date I have helped over 2,000 students to achieve their goals as traders.

Of more importance to you…

“Her Teaching Methods Are Professional and Detailed”

I have taken several FX and technical trading study courses and found the time spent with Jody’s expertise to be excellent and on par with the best out there.

Her teaching methods are professional and detailed. The manual is exceptional.

— Amin L., ON, Canada

From my exposure to students of varying experience in Forex trading, I realized that most traders are caught in the “Technical Trader’s Trap” (I will tell you more about this later), and lack the guidance to escape it. This is the main reason for their slim chance of success in Forex trading.

It’s sad to see aspiring traders struggling to get their hands on Forex trading, and losing their hard-earned dollars on the way — while in fact, unbeknownst to them, they only need some simple tweaks in the way they treat their trading to significantly heighten their chance of success.

The good news is: You don’t have to be like them. Based on my 30 years trading and coaching experience, I devised a complete system to help traders who are stuck in the “Technical Trader’s Trap” — and budding traders like you — to enjoy success in Forex trading.

Now, what really is this “Technical Trader’s Trap”?

The Difference Between A ‘Technical Junkie’ And An Entrepreneurial Trader…

To explain, let’s take a look at the stories of two Forex traders.

First, meet Fred, the “technical junkie”…

Trader-11Fred is obsessed in learning every new “proven to work” trading strategy and skill that he can lay his hands on. He pays a hefty sum of money on fancy software and tools, and jumps from one guru’s course to another’s, constantly looking for the “secret technique” that breaks the Forex trading code.

A daily trading routine isn’t his cup of tea. Fred will trade at any time of the day he likes. This is the kind of freedom he enjoys from trading Forex.

Having been watching the markets for years, Fred thinks he has grown some instinct. While he does implement some trading system, when his “gut feeling” kicks in, he will make decisions based on it.

And meet Steve, the cautious and boring one…

Trader-2Steve is a cautious trader. He plans every step of his move in trading, and executes his plan to a tee — almost in a cold-hearted, emotionless manner.

He knows what time of day he will start trading, for how many hours, and what to do when he works. He has undivided attention during his trading sessions. He follows a morning routine to set up his trades, and performs a post-mortem when he ends.

Many people think Steve’s style of trading is boring. Indeed he agrees so, but he happily stays in it — because it works for him.

Is there any wonder who will be a more successful Forex trader?

The difference between Fred and Steve is in the way they treat their trading. This is also the difference that I consistently see in mediocre traders, and traders who manage to (or at least, have the potential to) “make it big”.

Fred is a typical trader who’s stuck in the “Technical Trader’s Trap”. He focuses on his technical skill only (thinking this is the key to success), doesn’t plan his trading thoroughly, and is therefore aimless. He’s not likely to get anywhere in his trading.

On the other hand, Steve is an entrepreneurial trader. He treats trading as a serious business. He does not only focus on his trading skills, but also on how to optimize his trading business. He always keeps an eye on what he’s doing — he’s like his own manager.

The following figure summarizes their differences:

Fred, our technical junkie


Steve, our entrepreneurial trader


What makes them different?

The Missing Ingredient for Trading Success…
(What Your Forex Trainer Did Not Teach You)

Forex training courses nowadays are competing to offer lessons on comprehensive trading skills… the latest “million dollar trading systems”… fancy (and expensive) software and tools… and so on.

That’s probably because there is a large demand in the market — traders think these are what they need to make them successful.

Sadly, both the Forex trainers and traders are missing the point.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these are worthless. As a Forex trader, you need to be armed with the right technical expertise (and be very good at it!), a proven-to-work system, and effective software and tools. These are all fundamental, because without them you can’t even start trading.

The problem is, they are merely the “technical side” of trading. They alone won’t get you far. You cannot reasonably expect them to carry you into the group of the “15% winning traders”.

Let me illustrate my point with the following case between Chef Felicia and Chef Sandy…

CookFelicia and Sandy are experienced chefs. They plan to open their own restaurants this year.

Both of them are good in their culinary skill. Well, actually, Felicia is slightly better than Sandy, because she devotes most of her time refining her skill, learning new techniques, and studying the use of tools.

Sandy doesn’t stop improving her cooking skills either (but she’s just less obsessed). At the same time, she’s also training herself in other things that Felicia isn’t — the business know-hows, and the skill to manage a restaurant.

Think about this: All other conditions being equal, who do you think has a better chance to become more successful in her restaurant business?

I believe you get my point. Similar to the case of the two chefs, the technical side of your trading alone will NOT give you the edge to grow as a successful Forex trader. It will NOT pave your path into the “15% winning group”.

To be successful in Forex trading, you must learn to manage your trading (just like Sandy, who learns to manage her restaurant). You have to treat your trading as a serious business, and do unto it everything that is necessary to make a business prosper.

This, is the Missing Ingredient for Success in Forex trading.

As you sit there reading this, you should have seen how this paradigm-shifting concept is vital for your trading business.

This may be the first time you heard about it. Don’t worry if it is new and foreign to you, because I am here to give you complete guidance on this, in the…

“Forex Foundation Course”

Throughout my years of training and coaching, I have created numerous seminars, boot camps and courses for Forex traders. If there is ONE course that I will recommend to all my students, no matter whether they are in the beginning stage or they are seasoned traders…

“A Complete Methodical Way to Profitable Trading”

I’ve looked at countless programs that promise the ‘Holy Grail’ and found most of them to be just another re-packaged ‘me too product.’

Jody is the first person that was able to show me patterns at work where I have never seen them before. Her Forex Foundations Course is a complete methodical way to profitable trading in the Forex market.

— Robert H., BC, Canada

…This will be it — the Forex Foundation Course.

The reason being (as I have repeatedly mentioned), growing the attitude and habits to treat trading as your serious business is essential in becoming a winning Forex trader. And the Forex Foundation Course is the course that provides you with the most comprehensive steps to do this.

If you are a beginning trader — Start your Forex trading in the correct direction right from the beginning. You want to be pointed to the path that leads you to joining the 15% winning traders.

(You’re at an advantage because you’re exposed to this early. Other traders might not gain similar insights even after losing all their capital.)

If you have been trading for some time — Know that it’s not too late for you to pause for a while, and follow the recommendations in this course to review your trading. This can help you to unleash your full potential in this lucrative business — All it might take are some small tweaks in what you’ve already been doing!

How This Course Will Turn You Into An Entrepreneurial Forex Trader

This course provides you with instructions to become an entrepreneurial Forex trader with an “EDGE”:

EDGE-E– Entrepreneur. You will learn to transform yourself into an entrepreneurial trader. You will make it a priority to polish your trading expertise, start looking at trading as a business, and develop motivation, passion and focus in it.

EDGE-D– Defined Goals. You will be guided to set up your business plan, trading milestones and personal goals. This points you in a clear direction, and you’ll see that your targets are actually achievable when they are clearly defined.

EDGE-G– Game Plan. You will grow the habit of using a trading journal and trading blotter. This helps you to test and refine your game plan, so that it eventually becomes robust, and you will have no worries when relying on it.

EDGE-E– Energetic Mind and Body. If you want to stay in the trading business for a long time, it’s important that you maintain your work-life balance, and avoid trader’s burnout. You will receive insightful tips on how to do that.

Specifically, I will walk you through the process of…

1. Setting up your business plan. You will use a workbook that contains a 9-step process that guides you in discovering yourself, and figuring out a business plan that fits well with your personality and preferences.

2. Defining a system that you can trust for your day-to-day trades. Even if you discover flaws in it, you know you can calmly review and fine-tune it.

3. Developing a clear trading plan, so that you know the entry and exit conditions, how to manage your money, how to set stop losses, etc.

4. Growing discipline in your trading. I will show a breakdown of a day in the life of a successful trader, which you can model to take emotions out of your trading, and trade with discipline. (Don’t miss the example of the “morning ritual” of a trader!)

5. Keeping yourself healthy both mentally and physically, because you want to persevere in your journey as a Forex trader. This is where your strength is from.

With these conditions all set up, you will have more control over your trading — Well, you cannot always control the results, but you will stop trading aimlessly… know exactly what to do when challenges arise (as they always will!)… and know how to measure and improve your trading.

See how this will increase your chance of winning?

More Than Just A Business Plan Proposal

So far our discussion has been focused on the “business” part of Forex trading — but the Forex Foundation Course is more than that…

It is a COMPLETE foundational course, that will also train you up in the technical skills you need in Forex trading!

In fact, I spend a good 70% of the course to impart the important analysis techniques, trading strategies, and Forex fundamentals to you. For example, you will learn the following analysis techniques to deal with all market price action:

Trending and Sideways Markets

Support and Resistance:

– Manual Barriers and 00 Prices
– Pivot Points/ATR
– Fibonacci Retracements
– Trend Lines and Channels

Trend Indicators:

– Moving Averages
– Bollinger Bands

Continuation Chart Patterns:

– Triangles, Flags and Rectangles


– MACD, Awesome Oscillator,
– RSI and Stochastics

Reversal Chart Patterns:

– Reversal Candlestick Patterns
– Double Tops and Bottoms
– Head and Shoulders
– Rising and Falling Wedge
– 123 Reversal

Internal 123′s

Fibonacci Projections

“A Full Toolbox And Strategies”

This course was excellent. We left with a full toolbox and strategies to suit our evolving styles.

I’ve been trading for 16 years, including scalping 50+ trades a day from a live trading floor and 2 years live Forex.

I spent over 10k on training. Jody is the best by far…

— Don C., ON, Canada

All these are covered in just four lessons in Lessons 4(a) to 4(d). I use charts from real trades to explain the concepts and their application to you, to demonstrate their practical use in trading — nothing out of thin air.

If you learn them separately elsewhere, you probably need to read a few books to pick them up (and be ready to get confused, because these are not simple concepts). Imagine how much time and trouble you will have saved from this course!

But this is just the beginning. There is more.

In the following section, we shall take…

A Quick Peek of What’s Inside the Course

We begin the course by giving you an introduction to Forex trading. (Seasoned traders — this is a good review for you to revisit some important concepts). You will see…

  • Is the Forex market a friendly place for you? Why are so many people describing it as a “threatening and dangerous animal”? (You can make it a friendly place for you, but — “How?”)
  • The foundational knowledge in Forex trading. Not sure what are pips, lots (standard lot, mini lot and micro lot), currency pairs, spreads, base currency… and so on? It takes you only 45 minutes to get familiarized with the foundational concepts! After which, you will have no problem talking with professional traders and understanding most Forex training materials.
  • How do you really trade Forex? What are the markets and currency pairs you can trade on? What are the recommended markets and currency pairs for you to trade on as a beginner?
  • As a dedicated trader, this is what you need to do every single day, every single week, and every single month to achieve success in trading — no excuses. (Traders in professional investment firms are doing this.)
  • How much capital do you need to start trading in Forex? (You really just need a minimum amount of money to get started. Do you know that unlike stock investments, you don’t need $100,000 to trade $100,000? Find out about this from the lesson on “leverage”!)
  • Why do major financial institutions like banks, wealth management firms, investment corporations, central banks in the world, hedge funds managers… all trade Forex? And why should you do so too? 

And there are tips to help you become an exceptional Forex trader, including:

  • Forex is a 24-hour market, with 3 major Forex trading sessions (Tokyo, London, and New York). Theoretically you can trade all the time – anytime you want — but you really shouldn’t be doing this, because this will be detrimental to your Forex trading career. Why so?
  • The “3 Pillars of Forex Success” are: Analysis, Strategy, and ______. Analysis and Strategy are the hard skills that are necessary for you to become a skillful Forex trader, but it’s the “last pillar” that will make you a successful Forex trader. (Hint: It helps you to combine all the knowledge and apply it. This is where beginners need the help.)
  • How do you get out from the “Technical Trader’s Trap”, and stop wasting your time and money jumping from one guru’s advice to another’s… signing up for course after course… buying every expensive software and tool. Here are 6 things you need to do to transform yourself into a successful entrepreneurial trader.
  • How to avoid trading with emotions. (This is one of the top reasons why traders fail). You will learn to execute your plan with laser focus — fear and anxiety have no place in your trading!

And lessons on various trading strategies…

  • Do you know there are trading strategies for 4 different types of market price action? Which one should you apply in your trading? (You will find out about each of them in the course. You don’t need to learn them all — just choose one or two that resonate the best with your personality.)
  • Why highly successful event-driven traders do not only use fundamental analysis? Timing is a key factor to success for them, so how do they make sure their positions end at the right time — not prematurely or delayed? Can you emulate this yourself?
  • If you are a day trader, learn the “Market Open Strategy”. It enables you to take advantage of the first major directional move in the London session. (I modified this strategy that was originally designed specifically for the London market, so that it works with every market open too. Learn my fine-tuned strategy and use it on the Tokyo and New York markets.)
  • How do you predict the future price movements, and look for buy/sell signals to enter trades? By using the reversal chart patterns (reversal candlestick patterns, double and triple tops and bottoms, head and shoulders, etc). You’ll learn these from real trading examples, and make them second nature to you.

Not forgetting, basic fundamental analysis knowledge for Forex is also covered. For example:

  • What do you need to understand about the economic model of supply and demand? Can you guess what happens when the European Central Bank increases/decreases the interest rate, or spending in the Euro Zone increases/decreases? (This simple knowledge will help you sniff the effects of news from around the world on the market, and trade accordingly.)
  • What do stock market indices like S&P, Nikkei, CAC, DAX, FTSE… tell you about today’s Forex market? How do they affect your daily trading decisions?
  • The world considers the U.S., Switzerland, and Japan as the safe havens to hide. When the global economy is in bad shape, the US Dollar, Swiss Franc, and Japanese Yen do not go down… but they rise strongly. Why — and how do you benefit from this trend?
  • What are the important lessons that Forex traders can learn from the 2008 global financial crisis? As the stock market sank almost overnight, the USD rose significantly against its European counterparts — Why did this happen? (Didn’t you think the US economy was collapsing? How do you make use of this “counter-intuitive” situation?)

And much, much more!!!

“Made 43 Pips on Our Very First Trade”

I teach finance and economics at a university. What I teach will get you a good job. What Jody teaches will make you money.

My husband and I took the Forex Foundation seminar together. We used the 1, 2, 3 method we learned in the course and made 43 pips on our very first trade. It was great!

— Nancy A., AR, USA

As you can see, the Forex Foundation Course couples:

  • Guidance on developing your business skills for Forex trading, and cultivating the necessary entrepreneurial attitude and habits in you


  • Comprehensive lessons on the technical expertise that you’ll use for your trading activities

…All in a single course!

You might be thrilled to have found an all-encompassing course like this, and can’t wait to learn from it to build a strong Forex foundation in yourself.

But you can’t do it yet. There’s something I need you to understand…

This Course Is Not For Everyone

As you were reading the long list of course content, you might have been overwhelmed, and think it involves a lot of hard work to learn all these.

You are right.

There is certainly a lot of material that I cover in the course — some are concepts that you can grasp at your first glance… but many require you to go over the lessons again and again to finally “get them”. (This is especially true for the lessons on the analysis skills — you’re warned.)

So I am telling you this loud and clear that: This course is NOT FOR EVERYONE — no matter how interested you are in starting to trade Forex.

Read the following pre-requisite before you decide that you will get this course.

This course is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to commit the necessary time and effort to learn from it
  • You don’t have the patience to study the lessons — sometimes repeatedly, until you are familiar with them
  • You are not willing to implement my recommendations in the course, and are only perusing the course materials for entertainment purpose only

DO NOT get this course if any of the above describes you! I don’t want you to waste your money.

Let me be blunt: If even one of them fits what you think, You Are NOT QUALIFIED to get this course. (And may I even suggest you to ask yourself, “Are you qualified to be a successful Forex trader?”)

But if you are serious about building a successful Forex trading business, this is the course for you.

10% of The Original Course Fee Gets You Started

When the Forex Foundation Course was first conducted “live” in Toronto in 2008, close to 40 participants paid $1,000 per person to attend it.

(Note that this was only the ticket price for the course, and did not include the transport and accommodation costs for 2 days.)

After experiencing the initial success for this course, when I became a Forex educator for a well-known financial education company, I conducted this course “live” via an online platform. Hundreds of students signed up for it, and we charged $3,000 for each sign-up.

$3,000 was (and still is) a hefty price, but the participants found the investment valuable. We received rave reviews for it from the participants.

Today, when you order the digital format of this course from this site, it won’t cost you $3,000… not even $1,500… $1,000… or $500.

An investment of $299 gets you started. Think about it, for slightly less than 10% of the original course fee, you will get exactly the same information from the Forex Foundation Course.

Get Your Forex Foundation Course At This Highly Discounted Price Now!



FOREX Foundation Course

Price: $299



“Accounts Grew 7 Times the Cost of the Course”

The results, my processes and my attitude about trading have far surpassed my expectations. I have never experienced a better six month period!

The three accounts that I set up with Jody’s help have gained nearly 7 times the cost of the Course with Coaching.

95% of the program is about me, how I approach the market and how I am set up both physically and emotionally to trade the market. I now find trading fun, I approach trading with less fear.

— Bill M., WA, USA

BONUS: “What About A Fast Track To Success?”

Once you start applying the knowledge you learn from this course, inevitably you will face some difficulties, or even have doubts in your trading skill.

“Realized My Past Weaknesses from Coaching”

In 2010, I found myself trading constantly and understanding the trades I was making, but absolutely frustrated with near break-even results.

So I enrolled Jody Samuels as my coach. Having Jody talk with me about what I was doing and why I was doing it helped me to realize past weaknesses in my approach.

The coaching sessions were vital to me for having someone to account to and review my trading plan in order to avoid psychological traps.

— Daniel W., NJ, USA

There are a number of things you can do when these happen. The first thing is of course to go over the course materials again to see if you can find an answer. Otherwise, you can do your own research — many useful resources are just a Google search away.

But there is a more efficient way — and actually, a highly recommended way.

Get coaching. Get an experienced coach to hand-hold you and guide you along the way, especially when you first start.

As a bonus for you as my student of the Forex Foundation Course, I am offering one FREE private coaching session, together with the course. (Elsewhere, I am charging no less than $600 for a coaching session.)

Here are some ways you can benefit from my 30 years of experience in trading and training traders:

  • You can clarify your doubts about the Forex Foundation Course within minutes — and receive extra tips and information that are not in the course to help you understand the concepts better!
  • You will receive advice in setting up your trader’s business plan, finding a trading system that suits your personality the best, and discovering a trading style that uniquely fits you. This is the shortcut to establishing your Forex trading business!
  • You get to hear fellow students sharing their experiences (and struggles!) in learning the Forex Foundation Course, setting up their trading business, and grooming themselves to be Forex traders. Learn from these real life case studies. Not many Forex traders talk about this elsewhere.
  • You can get external accountability and coaching on your daily routine. These are necessary to help grow your discipline.
  • You, fellow traders in the coaching group, and I will work together to establish a strong “can win” belief system in you. Half the battle is done when your self-doubt is cleared!

…and more.

MORE BONUSES! You will be delighted to find that you will also receive 3 months of unlimited e-mail support that extends beyond our coaching session.

Got a question? Want us to look at a chart for you and provide input? Or just want a nudge to tell you “you can do it”? Help is only an e-mail away!

Get your Forex Foundation Course with coaching now. Send your Forex trading to a fast track to success!



FOREX Foundation Course

Price: $299




Committed Forex Trader, Aren’t You?

Now that we’re at the end of this letter, I have one last question for you…

Earlier on, I asked you…

“Are you ready to commit your time and effort to get very good at trading Forex, and treat trading as a serious business?”

…and specifically requested you to read on only if your answer is an astounding “YES”.

Since you are still reading this, I assume you answered “yes”. Well, now that I have shown you how the Forex Foundation Course can develop you into a well-rounded Forex trader — one that’s skilled in the technical expertise in trading, and has an entrepreneurial mind…

It’s time for you to act on this.

Get the Forex Foundation Course now!



FOREX Foundation Course

Price: $299



I wish you all the best.



Jody Samuels
CEO, The FX Trader’s EDGE


P.S.: Here is what you should do before, during, and after you trade…

  • Before – Set up your business plan and trading system. This will give you a clear direction and target to work towards.
  • During – Exercise the entrepreneurial trader’s spirit. Treat trading as a serious business. Practice the good habits that successful traders exhibit.
  • After – Perform a post-mortem on your daily trading activities. Learn from your own successes and failures.

To help you with this, I have prepared 3 bonuses for you:

BONUS #1: The Forex Business Plan Workbook
This workbook consists of 9 steps to guide you to set up your business plan, identify the trading style that fits your personality and preference, and find a workable trading system.

BONUS #2: Special Report – “10 Habits of Successful Traders”
This special report reveals the 10 habits that I consistently see in the 15% winning traders throughout my years in the industry. Study them, and model their attitude and behaviors. 

BONUS #3: Trading Plan Outline
This is a template you can use to establish your trading plan. Fill in the blanks with the Chart Setup, General Rules, and your Entry and Exit criteria, and you will have a minimal — yet comprehensive trading plan! Not sure how to do that? A sample trading plan is attached for your reference. Simple!

BONUS #4: Trading Blotter
This is a Trading Blotter that I modified from a blotter that I used when I was a professional trader. It helps you with your daily review of your psychological and technical edges in trading (there’s a part that helps you to provide accountability to yourself!) Using this blotter, you can see yourself progress day-by-day as a trader.

These bonuses are yours for FREE when you get the Forex Foundation Course:



FOREX Foundation Course

Price: $299