Elliott Wave

What is Elliott Wave Theory?

Elliott Wave is a probability theory based on the observations of Ralph Nelson Elliott, who noticed that waves behaved in predetermined repetitive patterns based on investor psychology. The change in investors’ psychology is reflected in the price action.

What does a wave pattern look like?

In general, market moves progress in 5-wave patterns. Waves 1, 3 and 5 are called the motive or impulsive waves, which are characterized as directional “trend-following” moves. Waves 2 and 4 are countertrend interruptions, which are necessary corrections of the trend move.

I already use certain technical indicators on my currency charts, so why do I need to learn Elliott Wave Analysis?

Elliott Wave analysis can be combined with ANY technical indicators. It measures investors’ psychology, thus allowing you to determine the highest probability move the market will take. You can combine this knowledge with your technical indicators to determine where you want to position yourself in a trade. For example, did you know that roughly 70% of the time we are in corrective sideways sequences? If you know when we are about to enter a wave 1, 3 or 5 impulsive move, do you think that just might improve your odds of having a positive trade?

In what time frames can I apply Elliott Wave Analysis?

Elliott Wave analysis can be applied to any time frame. Whether you are a momentum, day, or swing trader, you can use Elliott Wave theory to come up with high probability setups. The reason is that you can see the same repetitive patterns as described in Elliott Wave Theory in any time frame – on the daily chart, 4-hour chart, 1-hour chart, 15-minute chart, 5-minute chart and 1-minute chart.

Why can’t I just learn Elliott Wave Analysis from books or the internet?

You will find the rules and guidelines in books and on the internet but our company knows how to implement that theory in real markets. We are experts in creating profitable Elliott Wave analysts and traders. You can know the theory but facing a blank chart is the difficult starting point.

How much experience do I need to take Elliott Wave Ultimate?

You should have an understanding of trading, and have the basic skills in identifying trends and major chart formations, Fibonacci retracements, and finally support and resistance. It is not necessary to be a master at identifying them.

If I trade Stocks and Options can I take Elliott Wave Ultimate?

This course is applicable to all markets – FOREX, Futures, CFD’s, Stocks and Options. Once you learn the setups you will be able to apply them to your traded market. Elliott Wave Ultimate is the Convergence of Elliott, Fibonacci and Harmonics so you will get a great foundation of analyzing the market cycles and then learning a trading system to trade with.

Do I need any special software to take Elliott Wave Ultimate?

You do not need any special software. Almost all basic charting software programs you use will provide you with the basic chart setup required. Once you register for the course, you will have access to the Education Modules and the Member’s Forum where you will learn about the chart setup to get started right away.